he appreciation for rare Poetry is a very personal one. Moments of sadness, love, passion, pain and beauty hidden between words on scraps of paper, journals, or within pages of a book. Some words travel through time from famous poets… most are kept private, until found in a scrapbook by a future generation.

Poetry can bring tears, solace or joy. The same poem evokes different emotions from different souls. The personal fulfillment acquired from Poetry is the passion that fuels this site. To hold in your hands, words tumbled from the poets heart onto paper—words of joy, desire, despair, grief or inspiration—connects you to yourself in a way nothing else can.

We start with Alfred Lord Tennyson, a sorrowful Victorian poet who, after Wordworth’s death, was appointed Poet Laureate until his own death in 1892. We’ve gathered some beautiful, rare editions from our shelves and joined with other reputable and eclectic sellers to bring you the most unique selection of Tennyson’s poetry in one place. T. S. Eliot has characterized Tennyson as “the saddest of all English poets”, who through his technical mastery of verse and language, was able to communicate the depths of his being from “the abyss of sorrow.”

Sharing passions is essential to learning from one another and we will be adding articles frequently on literary topics, poems and poetry collecting. We encourage you, our community, to submit ideas you'd like featured, and your personal stories on anything to do with poetry. Shoot us an email and we will try to include it in our newsletter.

“Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control; these three alone lead one to sovereign power.” —Alfred Lord Tennyson

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